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Here's What You Will Get
Superconscious Intuition - Read the Field
  • ​​Intuition Basics
  • ​​Self Mastery
  • ​​​The 3-Minute Superconscious Psychic Reading Process
You Will Learn:
How To Connect To The Field
  • ​​Learn to Connect to the Superconscious
  • ​Learn How to Use Your Existing Communication Channels
  • ​Heart Coherence and Language of the Field
Intuitive Structure
  • ​​Understanding Unconscious Definitions
  • ​Circle Work
  • ​Learn To Receive and Interpret Symbols
Acknowledge The Truth
  • ​​Deconstruct Your Egoic Agenda
  • ​Accepting Your Dark Side
  • ​Learn How To Make The Correct Decisions

Program Inclusions:

3-Day Workshops
3 Months Coaching - 2 Sessions/Month On A Different Topic Each Month
Q/A Call With Chris Weekly Every Thursday


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  The Magnetic Mind Masterclass Program
  3-Day Workshop On-Demand Replay
  Superconscious Healer Program
  Effective Entrepreneur Program
  Message To Market Program
Superconscious Intuition Course
(Pay In Full) $3,995
Superconscious Intuition Course
(x5 Monthly Payments) $999
Superconscious Intuition Course
(x52 Weekly Payments) $99
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