🔥 Join This On-Demand Masterclass: Reserve Your Ticket By {{dddd}}, {{MMMM}} {{D}}, {{YYYY}}!
🔥 Join This On-Demand Masterclass: Reserve Your Ticket By {{dddd}}, {{MMMM}} {{D}}, {{YYYY}}!

Brand New Training From Christopher Michael Duncan Reveals...

"How To Integrate Your Shadow And Unleash Your Superconscious Superpower"

Watch This Video & Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned On!

This Masterclass Normally Sells at Over $1,000

Today Just $29 (You Save 97%!)

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*This on-demand masterclass is a one-time only offer and its value is way over $1,000 but if you are here you're getting a ticket for $29. It includes a copy of the masterclass recording, an on-demand replay and a workbook. Your information is safe and will never be shared with any third parties.

Here Is What I Will Be Teaching You

 How To Integrate Your Shadow To Unleash Your Superconscious Superpower: I will show the exact healing and steps specific to your wound
 The 9 Unconscious Shadows That Hold Us Back (These Are The Invisible Belief Systems Lurking In The Background Of Your Consciousness Working Against You)
 The 9 Superconscious Superpowers That Hold Your Intuition And Genius (This Is What You Will Use To Manifest)
 The Levels Of Integration: How To Know Where You Are And Shift To The Highest Level Of Your Mind 
 We Will Do Multiple Superconscious Reset Processes (You Will Leave Thinking You Should Have Paid Over $1,000 For The Session)

This is NOT an introduction. It is the ACTUAL training for my most advanced students. Value is over $1,000.

And You Can Get It Right Now For Just $29!

My name is Christopher Duncan — I know this 110% for certain…

"You are not broken, you have a God-like Manifesting power to transform, heal and create magical manifestations with ease — and I can prove it!" 

"You are not broken, you have a God-like Manifesting power to transform, heal and create magical manifestations with ease — and I can prove it!" 

 On this brand new training I will be teaching you "How To Integrate Your Shadow To Unleash Your Superconscious Superpower".

If you've been yearning for a profound change in your life, but something has been holding you back.

The truth is, the number one reason you haven't achieved what you desire is that you haven't integrated your wounded shadow to unleash your superpower.
This Masterclass Normally Sells at Over $1,000

Today Just $29 (You Save 97%!)

Imagine a life where you no longer wrestle with emotional turmoil, self-doubt, or anxiety. Envision a world where you understand yourself on a profound level, where you manifest your desires with ease, and where you feel deeply connected to your purpose.

It's frustrating when you're stuck in a constant loop, unable to break free from self-sabotage and inner conflicts.

But the good news is, we have the solution to set you on the path to transformation.

In this life-changing On-Demand Masterclass with Christopher Michael Duncan, you'll:

 Discover The 9 Wounded Shadows and 9 Superconscious Superpowers: Gain profound insights into your inner self, identify your hidden strengths, and transform your self-awareness.
 Recode Your Identity: Unlock your inner genius and unleash your potential for rapid manifestation. It's time to step into your true power.
 Restructure Your Consciousness: Embrace a revolutionary approach to consciousness, paving the way for lasting transformation in every aspect of your life.

Exclusive Fast-Action Bonuses:

But that's not all. When you join us today, you'll also receive:
 Comprehensive Workbook: A valuable resource to deepen your understanding and guide you on your journey to self-discovery.
 Full Recording of the Session: Never miss a moment of this life-changing event. Revisit the teachings and insights whenever you like.
 On-Demand Replay: You'll have access to the on-demand replay, so you can participate at your own pace.
This exclusive opportunity has never been released before, and it's available today for just $29, a whopping 97% discount from the original price of over $1,000.

Today Just $29 (You Save 97%!)

By attending this web class, you'll experience a profound shift in your life:

 Become a More Powerful Manifestor: Say goodbye to doubt and uncertainty. Embrace your innate ability to manifest your desires with confidence.
 Stop Oscillating in Life: Break free from the cycle of self-sabotage and inner turmoil. Gain control over your emotions and find balance.
 Unlock The Secret To Rapid Manifestation: Discover the key to achieving your goals and desires faster than you ever thought possible.
Say goodbye to emotional turmoil and self-doubt, and embrace a life filled with inner peace, self-discovery, and fulfillment.
This half-day training is JUST $29 but it really – I mean it REALLY is — worth over $1,000. You will not only take pages and pages of notes but walk away with an experience of Your True Superconscious Power.
This Masterclass Normally Sells at Over $1,000

Today Just $29 (You Save 97%!)

This Is A Brand New Course... But... I Have Been helping A Lot Of People With Their Superconscious...

Hear From Just A Few Of The Tens Of Thousands Of People I've Helped

"Cofounded a Space School with the aim supporting 1 million children in Egypt towards STEM Education, launched my business' landing page, AVINTERRA on 17th of March. I had so many excuses before...sabotaged myself. Now I finally feel I can breathe."

— alina vizireanu

"Today's session helped me to connect with my true presence, and my true higher wisdom. I was able to detach from these lower vibrational thought patterns and see things for how they really are, from a higher perspective."

— freya marchetti

"Everything has changed for me in every aspect of my life. I could a write a book here regarding the issues I has having in my life. Long story short, I felt defeated in life, now I feel powerful!

— tony giuliani

"It seems my Superconscious is opening the way for grand shifts to transpire within my current reality. I am hopeful to continue this work myself, to help others, and to be mentored!"

— LV Corinne

"I will say, as you go into the practices, that what we learned in the initial event is even more true in this process. Or at least it was for me - there will be truths that are in your highest good to know that aren't what you WANT to see. I was shown how I'm allowing things that aren't of love. And so much more!" 

— dixie gillaspie

"My heart opened and I heard a voice in my head said that 'my dreams just came true'. For a split moment there was awareness like I just arrived to a destination I've been walking towards for a long time. It feels like my higher self-responsed when I took action...as a confirmation. There's a magic on the air."

— alena stankova

"I found it profound. I had a huge shift which I felt continued throughout the night. I awoke to NO body pain. This was phenomenal as I had been struggling for a couple of months. Such wicked recode."

— ingrid broekhals

"6 months ago I was in a bad way! So far I have dropped 6 medications, have become emotionally stable (most of the time), manifested a dog that is just perfect and now I am into greater things!"

— lynne walker

"When I had my stroke I lost the majority of my vision totally blind in my right eye and only having extremely vague shapes in my left eye but I have now regained the central vision in my left eye. Wow! What we all take for granted!

I am now a fully Certified Magnetic Mind Coach guiding my own clients into a new orientation forward moving new structure."

— dean adams

"I just completed this challenge and I have experienced such an incredible shift in my entire being! That being said, I have sabotaged myself my entire life.

Always knew in my heart that there would be a way to overcome obstacles.

You have Blessed me beyond words, thank you!"

— evelyn fournier

"I have a client who was born with cystic fibrosis. Last week she developed a lung infection. She contacted me for a session as she has a fear of going into hospital and her doctor told her that this maybe the only choice.

I did a recode on her. I am so pleased she did - as for the very first time in her life her oxygen levels were 97%."

— kerrie martin

"In the recode session I felt neutrally which then led to tears.

The experience was a bit like having a dream I am becoming very curious after today: I feel like something profound is being revealed, and as though I am somehow meeting myself for the first time."

— Anthony Williams

This Masterclass Normally Sells at Over $1,000

Today Just $29 (You Save 97%!)

The Personality Development World Has It Wrong

It tells you that you need to FIX your limitations — BUT YOU ARE NOT BROKEN, you have just not had a full conscious education...

Your Superconscious is laying dormant... and it is killing your power! (and in turn, holding you back from the life you know you deserve).

REIMAGINE… not just 'your life’ but the way you really create and manifest EVERYTHING you truly desire in your heart.

For sure — you must learn the code.

You MUST realize what it takes to really create or manifest perfect health, huge financial abundance and a life you love.

Here is the secret...

You must learn to be a Superconscious Creator!

The Truth Is... Creating What You Love Is Different From What You Have Been Told

Most people believe that you need to fix, improve or heal yourself to have success, they feel something is missing.. and it is just not true.

You have everything you need, you just need to be educated to activate the dormant power that resides within you.

The creative process has only one outcome — to create the results you love.

The creative process is not positive thinking, problem-solving, adopting the right beliefs, therapy, self-esteem, changing or fixing yourself, it is not psychic tricks to trick the world, not willpower, or overcoming barriers.
However, by focusing on creating what you love you will feel more self- esteem, you will feel positive, your problems will disappear, you will change and you will overcome barriers…

It really is a new way of thinking about life.

Besides Walking You Through The Pillars Of The Superconscious Creator Code...

I Will Also Share With You

 How To Orient Your Life Towards What You Really Love And How You Can Start Living It Now
 How To Unlock “The Wizard’s Gate” And Hidden Alchemical Knowledge
 How To Harness The Power Of Epigenetics And Neuroscience To Create Lasting Health Transformations
PLUS! I will share with you 9 specific healings for each wound! 

I sincerely hope you’ll join us.

You’ll gain so much clarity and certainty on how to activate your Superconscious. The session will whiz by yet you’ll be ‘full of actionable knowledge.’

Once again — it is JUST $29!

All you have to do is say YES!
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