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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

Discovered The Power Of Their Superconscious
"Cofounded a Space School with the aim supporting 1 million children in Egypt towards STEM Education, launched my business' landing page, AVINTERRA on 17th of March. I had so many excuses before...sabotaged myself. Now I finally feel I can breathe."

— alina vizireanu

"Today's session helped me to connect with my true presence, and my true higher wisdom. I was able to detach from these lower vibrational thought patterns and see things for how they really are, from a higher perspective."

— freya marchetti

"Everything has changed for me in every aspect of my life. I could a write a book here regarding the issues I has having in my life. Long story short, I felt defeated in life, now I feel powerful!

— tony giuliani

"It seems my Superconscious is opening the way for grand shifts to transpire within my current reality. I am hopeful to continue this work myself, to help others, and to be mentored!"

— LV Corinne

"I will say, as you go into the practices, that what we learned in the initial event is even more true in this process. Or at least it was for me - there will be truths that are in your highest good to know that aren't what you WANT to see. I was shown how I'm allowing things that aren't of love. And so much more!" 

— dixie gillaspie

"My heart opened and I heard a voice in my head said that 'my dreams just came true'. For a split moment there was awareness like I just arrived to a destination I've been walking towards for a long time. It feels like my higher self-responsed when I took a confirmation. There's a magic on the air."

— alena stankova

**Enroll Now & Experience The Superconscious Intuition Course**

Changing Lives With Recode

"I found it profound. I had a huge shift which I felt continued throughout the night. I awoke to NO body pain. This was phenomenal as I had been struggling for a couple of months. Such wicked recode."

— ingrid broekhals

"6 months ago I was in a bad way! So far I have dropped 6 medications, have become emotionally stable (most of the time), manifested a dog that is just perfect and now I am into greater things!"

— lynne walker

"When I had my stroke I lost the majority of my vision totally blind in my right eye and only having extremely vague shapes in my left eye but I have now regained the central vision in my left eye. Wow! What we all take for granted!

I am now a fully Certified Magnetic Mind Coach guiding my own clients into a new orientation forward moving new structure."

— dean adams

"I just completed this challenge and I have experienced such an incredible shift in my entire being! That being said, I have sabotaged myself my entire life.

Always knew in my heart that there would be a way to overcome obstacles.

You have Blessed me beyond words, thank you!"

— evelyn fournier

"I have a client who was born with cystic fibrosis. Last week she developed a lung infection. She contacted me for a session as she has a fear of going into hospital and her doctor told her that this maybe the only choice.

I did a recode on her. I am so pleased she did - as for the very first time in her life her oxygen levels were 97%."

— kerrie martin

"In the recode session I felt neutrally which then led to tears.

The experience was a bit like having a dream I am becoming very curious after today: I feel like something profound is being revealed, and as though I am somehow meeting myself for the first time."

— Anthony Williams

They've Realized Their True Choice

"Thanks so much for a great experience this morning. I've tried all manner of 'self development' in the past and this is the only one that truly makes sense to me. I appreciate your insight. A paradigm shift is truly what it takes and I'm eager to learn more."

— pam olds

"(This course) did not only help helped me realize my true choices in life but gave me a structured plan to get out of hell and into my desired life. I am now a certified Magnetic Mind Method Coach living my true nature and purpose while living a life. I love!"

— kym cassel

"I began the certification and the goal was to become certified in 30 days. Completed.

My next 30 days hit $20,000. Completed.
On track plus loads more."

— jayne

"Your model of True Choice led me to seek out that concept within the framework of my faith. That concept is God's pure grace and is taught by a number of people in the world."

— john tait

"My take aways...SO MANY. 4 Core Choices To Live in:

1) I choose to be the predominate creative force in life.
2) I choose to love my life - I choose to live the life I love.
3) I choose Health and Vitality.
4) I choose to live my true nature and Purpose."

— deborah myers

"I decided I would just make the right choices and just do, no more self doubt, I will have everything I visualize as my truths and what I desire and I know I am in the right place.

I've looked everywhere and I always come back to this because with this 100%."

— christine bogers

**Enroll now & Experience The Superconscious Intuition Course**

Living Out The Magnetic Mind Premises

"There is no way that I'd be getting these results without the Magnetic Mind Method! I'm forever grateful and so are my clients."

— emmy hernandez

"It has been a game changer in how I deal with life and I can't wait to get the Magnetic Mind Program to others as a Coach."

— wendy mason

"So very cool to be a part of the Magnetic Movement. Over the past year so much has shifted for me personally, and now the experience of coaching my clients is just fantastic."

— lynne walker

"It felt SO NICE to be surrounded by people who are all sharing an intentional, loving experience. This is so important to me, being born and realizing how lucky I was to be a creative-conscious being."

— TY j fife

"The Magnetic Mind is transforming this world at an incredible rate and I am so honoured to be a part of it and even more so to be certified in it so that I can make the impact I choose to create."

— william anthony le clerc hitzke

"This program is the most important tool for mankind needs to return to their true nature and purpose. To be part of this human journey is the greatest gift I could ever receive. To see someone life a life they love, is absolutely beautiful.

— mary ann allen

Are You Ready To Step Up and Own it?
Are You Ready To Step Up and Own it?

The Superconscious Intuition Course

The Superconscious Intuition Course

Register now and discover your Superconscious Intuition, develop your sixth sense, and discover the truth.
Register now and discover your Superconscious Intuition, develop your sixth sense, and discover the truth.
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