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Create A Superconscious Transformation For Yourself And Others

I will teach you how to access the superconscious field, create miracles and transform lives.

This Method has helped a blind man regain his sight and transformed over 200,000 lives!

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The Superconscious Emotional Mastery Program ($2,000 Value)

Superconscious Emotional Recode Training Is the Fastest and Easiest Way To Overcome And Let Go Any Sabotaging Emotions, Fears Or Anxiety

5 Day Emotional Mastery Challenge ($495 Value)

5 Day 5 Hour Program To Reset Your Emotions To The Exact Frequency And Vibration Of What You Desire - If You Want Fast Results, You Will Love This

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Success Stories From Our Certified Magnetic Mind Coaches

My whole world shifted!

When I discovered the Magnetic Mind method my whole world shifted. Realizing there was nothing wrong with me was a profound, empowering realization that opened new possibilities for fun and creation.

Thank you Chris and the whole Superconscious team!

— Michele Wiwchar

It’s truly amazing!

I love the Magnetic Mind Method because the processes are applicable to anyone at any stage in there life.

It’s also broad reaching helping clients get momentum fast. I also like how Chris teaches, it makes the methods simple and easy to understand.

— Eric D. Torres

Very transformational!

I love being a Magnetic Mind Coach and sharing this powerful method of Conscious Creation with all of my clients.

The Magnetic Mind process is fast, effective, guides you in making the shift from creating unconsciously to creating consciously.

— Kristine Allen

It has changed my life!

“I love, live and breathe Magnetic Mind Method because it has been the only orientation that's worked in my life long quest to short-cut the struggle of creating a life you don't need mental health days from.

The Superconscious 5-Steps process is the core framework of my coaching business and I'm so grateful it has changed my life and the lives of my clients in the most incredible ways.”

— Amber Patterson

I absolutely love this!

“I LOVE the Magnetic Mind Method because I was born to be a conscious creator. I have deeply studied and dedicated my life to understanding the mysteries of life and found the missing pieces I have been searching for all my life.

I am now creating a life I love with zest and passion instead of looking for all the missing puzzle pieces outside of my Self. Thanks Chris for offering these sacred doors to be opened!”

— Dermot Kerin

Absolutely powerful!

The magnetic mind method is by far the most profound and powerful transformational modality, it’s fundamental to life transformation & to create anything you truly desire.

It will turn anyone into a creator, a manifesting masterpiece, and live each day your way, from your heart and in happiness and flow.

— Abbie Lee Morgan

Become One Of Our Certified Coaches Today

Meet Your Magnetic Mind Coaches

Christopher M. Duncan

investor, ceo & founder, magnetic mind method

Chris's superpower lies in strategizing and implementing cutting-edge, education and human transformation systems.

Chris has been transforming lives and building businesses for over 12 years, with 2x #1 best-selling books and a feature movie with Tony Robbins and the Dalai Lama, Chris is well sought after and renowned as a public speaker.

His motto – “Set the bar high and make it happen." Building multiple 7-figure companies and scaling and systemizing them has allowed Chris to travel the world for over 6 years with his wife, Harriet, teaching other business owners how to turn their own dreams into reality.

Hannah Knies

Head Trainer, Magnetic Mind Method

Hannah is the co-founder of the Magnetic Mind Certification Program and has been a key part of the Conscious Education Leadership Team since the inception.

After leaving the corporate world, Hannah has been running her coaching business transforming lives for more than a decade.

Originally from Germany, Hannah is now living in Finland with her husband. She is fully dedicated to helping anyone willing to do the work to unlock their Superconscious and create absolute magic.

Yes, I'm Ready To Create A Super Conscious Change And To Get Certified In The Process

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